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Exercise – Key to Good Health and Back Pain Management

Thomas E. (Ted) Dreisinger, PhD.

Therapy Advisors – San Diego, CA

Exercise for health and disease management is not a new idea.  Claudius Galen’s (129-210 B.C.) influence regarding what has been called ‘the things non-natural’ (clean air, healthy food, appropriate sleep, good working bowels, balanced passions and...
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Clinical and Biomechanical Evidence Validating Pain Centralization and Directional Preference

Ronald Donelson, MD, MS

SelfCare First, LLC

Definitions of Centralization and Directional Preference

For patients presenting with lumbar or cervical pain, the centralization phenomenon (CP) and directional preference (DP) are often identifiable in patients’ histories as intermittent pain that comes with...
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